Randi Mayem Singer is a screenwriter, producer and television showrunner best known for writing the comedy blockbuster Mrs. Doubtfire.

I grew up in Palos Verdes, California, where by the age of 12, I had mastered two things: pretending not to be completely blind without my glasses and writing bad poetry. Soon I got contacts and began to write some very mediocre prose.

Not long after seeing “All the President’s Men,” I decided to become either Woodward or Bernstein (even though I’m clearly more of a Bernstein), so I majored in political science at U.C. Berkeley, then completed a masters degree at the University of Missouri, Columbia School of Journalism. Like most aspiring radio personalities with weird last names, I used my middle name as a last name and became news reporter Randi Allison for KMEL San Francisco. Within a couple of years, I’d worked my way to the afternoon drive news anchor slot at KFI Los Angeles. During this time I also met Rich Singer, who called in following one of my newscasts and proposed on the air. With all my friends and family alerted and listening in, as well as the prospect of a better last name, I had no choice but to accept.  We have since parted ways but are proud to share credit for developing and producing two amazing sons.

It was also while working at KFI that I enrolled in a screenwriting course at UCLA and began writing my first screenplay, a quirky romantic comedy called A 22 Cent Romance. That script won the Diane Thomas Screenwriting Award at UCLA and became the object of a 4-studio bidding war. Who knew? I followed with a second spec script, Adam & Eve on a Raft, which led to another bidding war. Both scripts sold to major studios where they eventually died in Development Hell. Although I prefer to think of them as frolicking together in Development Heaven.

Since then, I’ve been very lucky to work non stop in both film and television, with credits including Mrs. Doubtfire, starring Robin Williams, and the dramedy “Jack & Jill” on the WB network, starring then-unknowns Amanda Peet, Justin Kirk and Jaime Pressley. Despite a vocal and much appreciated campaign by loyal fans, the WB cancelled Jack & Jill after two seasons. The show continues to make piles of money for Internet bootleggers because for some mysterious reason Warner Brothers has not yet released it on DVD.

I’ve done uncredited production rewrites and punch-up on numerous films, some I wish I’d received credit on, others I’m relieved not to have my name on. On the flip side, I’m proud to have been rewritten by the likes of Buck Henry, Alvin Sargent and JJ Abrams. I aspire to one day be rewritten William Goldman.

Here are the movies and TV shows for which the WGA arbiters deemed my toil worthy of screen credit.

I am also credited with finding husbands for two of my girlfriends, both of whom have spawned sequels in the form of children.

Finally, I have a huge irrational fear of large untethered objects. Big planes, cruise ships, submarines, blimps or any humongous loose item that could in any way “bump up against” me. Please don’t laugh. It’s a real thing.